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Your guide to personal growth - one relationship at a time.


Jennifer is a professional speaker and author. Married to one spicey mix of a husband (Puerto Rican/Italian) and learning to be alpha female of her four legged kids: Bella & Basha.

Jennifer's is passion is to facilitate growth through transformational principles, and assist individuals in reaching emotional wellness. Her own experiences bring a girlfriend's point of view to the table without the intimidation of therapeutic credentials - so grab your favorite mug, and let's have a little java with Jen!

And for the seriously snobbish who need a list of credentials, how's this for your pomp & circumstance:
- ACOA (aka: adult child of an alcoholic)
- Diagnosed w/depression and overcame it - I am drug free!
- Contracted Professional Speaker with a company owned by
- Published in Player Magazine, NASPA's Stories of Inspiration and for the CCCU
- Masters of Education
- Spoken to & taught (at the university level and in private seminars) thousands of individuals.


helping others, watching movies, cooking, spending time with my husband, playing tennis, getting massages, playing & loving on my dogs, eating - i love sweets and savory treats.