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May 24, 2011


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Great post, Jennifer. Very true. :) I just started a blog. Quick question: How do you add clip art to your site?


Dab :)

Wendy C

Love the fact that you pointed out.."We all have value and we all have butts to wipe. " BANG, that is So true! Rich or poor, everyone got one!

And...may I remind you, you are not only priceless, you are the daughter of the King!! You are not only highly valued but also LOVED!!

Jennifer Fonseca

Dabney - Thanks!! Do you have a Wordpress blog? It gets the highest SEO ratings. I need to switch to it. My version of Microsoft office allows me to write a blog post and insert images directly from Word. I insert just as I would into a word doc. If I wrote the blog directly in typepad it also has the little icons for inserting hyper links and images. I have a Blogs for Dummies book, so if you use something other than typepad let me know and I'll look it up.

Jennifer Fonseca

Wendy - you are a gem! Did you know my maiden name was Sidebottom? My mom used to say, "Side - bottom, everybody got 'em." LOL Yes thank you for the reminder! I am, as are you, a deeply loved Spirit being of magnificent worth. Thank God for that!

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