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August 01, 2011


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Ginny Mink

I can TOTALLY relate to this! I feel like I am engulfed by time wasters. I hate coming to the end of the day and feeling like it has been absolutely pointless. Yes, I have to take care of Hazel (my almost 4 month old daughter), but somehow I NEED to figure out how to write and edit my book at the same time! Ugh, I'd pinky swear with you but I try to just let my yes be yes and my no, no :). Thusly I will say, "Yes, I will try to be more productive tomorrow."

Jennifer Fonseca

LOL Ginny, I totally appreciate that! I'm not sure how you carve out time with a 4 month old - but - I know what I wrote today in the blog Just For Now, might be applicable. :) So, no pinky swear, but we can both try to be more productive :) Sometimes just getting through my email is my productivity for the day. Whatever, I count it.

Jennifer Fonseca

Um, I forgot - what are you doing up so late? Wow, I see 10 pm and am zonked. Does that make me old?

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