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November 14, 2011


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heat pump prices

It's pretty lucky to find your webblog!Just one suggestion: It will be better and easier to follow if your blog can offer rrs subscription service.

Jennifer Fonseca

Glad you found the blog. :) Welcome! Hmmm. I thought I set RSS feed up. I see a link in the right column that says "Subscribe to this blog's feed. Did that not work for you? IF not, I may need a tutorial :)


Great blog! I am in 1 Kings right now and JUST read that verse! Funny how when you go back over something it can hit you different ways. I didn't even think about this when reading that verse the other day.But it is so true - God is worthy of our worship regardless of what our circumstances are!

Jennifer Fonseca

Alecia - thanks for the compliments! I agree, things hit me different ways on different days. I'm about to see what will hit me today.

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